To the first person answering the above offer by sending in their subscription and stating plainly that you wish to try for a prize, we will give a fine set of four eggs of the Prothonotary Warbler, or a set of four of the Black Snow-bird. To the fifth person, we will give a set of four eggs of the Blue Yellow-backed Warbler. To the tenth person, we will give a set of 2 eggs of the Red-tailed Hawk; to the fifteenth, twentieth and twenty-fifth each a copy of Davies’ “Key” 3d edition. We will also send every person wishing to try for a prize, and stating so in their letter, a few extra copies to use as samples.


To be entitled to any of the first five prizes, you must (if not already a subscriber) send in your subscription with your first list. Subscriptions mailed from your office May 31st, will count, but not later. The names of the winners will be published in the June B. S. O. and prizes forwarded June 4th.

Should two or more parties send 고소득알바 the same number of subscribers, the highest prize will be awarded to the party whose list was sent earliest. We can give Cash in place of prizes if desired. Commence work at once and secure a prize. Address, plainly,