There are a number of reasons this 6 disc collection by CMT Films about Dale Earnhardt is a must see. Number 1 of course because you are a Dale Earnhardt fan. Then again, any NASCAR fan at all will enjoy the comradary among the drivers, sponsors and other members of the NASCAR community depicted throughout this film. If you are newe to the NASCAR sport you may enjoy seeing the clips throughout the history of the sport. They are professionally made by quality video production services professionals.

Dale Earnhardt is shown for not forgetting from where he came. He was a true friend and family member. Although his love for racing sometimes ruined relationships for him in the beginning, he was always there when he was really needed. He often did things for his friends and family without their asking, just when they needed him most. He touched many people's lives. He also knew that he was once a fan himself and treated his fans with respect and always took the time to sign an autograph or take a picture.

Many scenes were taken on Dale's farm. It also showed how Dale loved to hunt and fish. Not only did he have to win on the track, but he also wanted to catch the biggest fish or get the biggest game when hunting. Dale was quoted for saying "First place pays more" when asked why he always wanted to win. Even once was upset for 2 days at Richard Childress for killing a bigger elk than he.

Dale was shown playing jokes on other people and carrying on with the camera crew. His friends and family told about different practical jokes he had played on them through the years. But they also told about the serious side of Dale and how he could give you a look that might make you doubt yourself. Hence the nickname "Intimidator".

Dale was told of seeing things around him that other people couldn't or didn't see. They said he could see the air drafting through the car and knew exactly how he wanted it to be. He also would take note of the wildlife around him that other people didn't notice until he pointed it out to them. He felt that he realized and appreciated things going on around him that a lot of people took for granted.

Most people who are at all familiar with NASCAR racing will know that it took Dale Earnhardt 20 years to win the Daytona 500. In his 20th year of racing and NASCAR's 50th year he finally won right after he questioned whether he should stay in the sport. After Richard Childress insisted he still had it in him, he promised to win the Daytona 500 that year...and kept his word. This production shows many highlights including the years he came so close to winning the Daytona 500 but just couldn't pull it off.

Near the end, Dale admitted what a joy it was for him to be able to do what he loves to do for a living and for that to care care of all of his other wants and needs in his life. Many interviews with Dale show how grateful and thankful he was to have made it to where he was in his life.

Whether you think of him when you hear "The Man In Black", "The Intimidator", number 3 or just when you think of NASCAR, this is a must see and will make a great addition to your video collection.