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Type d'évènement : Réunion publique
Organisé dans le cadre de : Autre campagne ou évènement (précisez dans le champ de saisie ci-dessous)
Indiquez son nom : Swimming Event
Accès ouvert ou réservé : Ouvert au public, sans réservation

C'est quand ?

Début de l'évènement : 31.01.2019 - 00:00
Fin de l'évènement : 30.11.2019

C'est quoi ?

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We are looking for swimming teachers to join us in our endeavor and make everyone know about the importance of swimming and that swimming can does wonder to their no other sports can. 

A swimming teacher is naturally the one being looked up by their pupils as a role model and a good source of knowledge and guidance. A teacher as we believe will always possess certain traits that make them good swimming teachers and provide good swimming lessons. This are also the qualities that will determine the level of a success for swimming teacher. We hope to spread these words and use this event to educate and scout for more swimming instructors.

We strongly believe that they should have good knowledge, having good knowledge of the  swimming subject  . You will also gain respect from the parents and other swimming teachers. The knowledge learning should be so much that it is up to date and willing to admit when you do not know the answer, always make it your business to find out and enhance your services to the students so as he/she can learn better with you. 

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Lieu : Singapore
Adresse postale : 11, Bedok North Street 1
Code postal : 46966
Ville : Bedok

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