“You implied it. Evidently your military friend enjoys Prince John’s confidence.”

“Oh, if you put it that way you are right. Prince John is staying at the Manor House and Captain Stanhope is using his influence to keep him quiet.”

“He told you that.”

“And I believe him.”

[Pg 83]

“Did he actually describe the ju-ju to you?”


“Then how are you able to hit off its appearance so exactly?”

“Because I’m a good guesser. Isn’t that so, father dear?”

The Guv’nor didn’t seem to realize that Minkie had deliberately pulled him into the conversation. He was dreadfully upset, and he tried to cover his confusion by tackling her on the question of disobedience.

“I told you to have nothing further to do with the Manor House people,” he said, and his voice was very harsh and stern, 강남오피 “yet it is evident you met and talked with young Stanhope to-day without my cognizance.”

“Yes. I met him near the Four Lanes. You said, father dear, that we were not to exchange postcards and winks, and that was all.”

“You knew quite well that I meant you to cut the acquaintance entirely. Millicent, what has come to you that you should disregard my wishes in this way?”

“I am very sorry, dad. I did not think I [Pg 84]was doing wrong. I promise now that I shall not speak to Captain Stanhope again until you give me permission. If I had really meant to disobey you I would hardly have told you so openly at table. My idea was that you would like to know all about this ju-ju which Mr. Schwartz has lost, and the queer effect it may have in causing a West African war.”