The Spalding Chainless has a 3-inch drop at the crank-hanger. The upper and lower main tubes are 1⅛-inch, the rear forks ⅞-inch, the rear stays are ¾-inch reinforced; wheel base is 44⅜-inch. The front fork has an arched crown; the fork sides are reinforced. The makers continue to use their well-known hub with straight tangent swaged spokes, 28 in the front and 32 in the rear. The cranks are 6¾-inch round spring steel, with a 72-gear.

The Spalding lady’s Chainless contains the same mechanical features found in the man’s model. The frame is the double loop drop, and 남양주오피 has evidently been carefully studied. The cranks are 6½ inches of round spring steel and geared to 66½ inches. Some variations in gears are furnished.
E. C. Stearns & Co. have been entirely successful in securing an ideal construction in their bevel-gear cycles. The accompanying illustrations, while giving but hints of the complete machine, indicate that the graceful lines which have always been characteristic of the “Yellow Fellow” have been retained, and that the bevel gears and the shaft in their dust-proof cases are exceedingly neat and attractive.