“The green and yellow bowls are just the thing to put about the Cornish place for the birds to drink and take their baths from,” said Patsy. “Let us have a lot sent home with the scythe and the bell. How you feel the Moorish influence in the design,—you can’t get away from that, can{126} you? You might as well try to subtract the Norman from the English, as to subtract the Moor from the Spaniard; you come across him every moment, in the manners, in the language—all the words beginning with al are Moorish; in the dress,—the mantilla is the survival of the yashmak; in the sense of color and design, that flat, blue dish is a thing of beauty and absolutely Moorish in spirit.”

“I can’t enthuse about it any more than I could about the Alhambra, the Alcazar, or anything else that recalls the presence of those brutes in Spain,” interrupted a small, keen-eyed man who had been listening to the talk.

Patsy was the first to recover his speech.

“That is a new point of view and very interesting,” he said. “Does all Oriental art affect you so, or only Moorish?”

The little gentleman 광주오피 answered with another question: “You are Protestants?”

We could not deny the fact. The stranger sighed impatiently. “Ah well, that explains many things! No traveler who is not a Catholic can understand or appreciate Spain.”

“You can enjoy a lot you don’t understand.” Patsy stood to his guns.