The light of O’Hara’s lantern passed 김포오피 carefully over it and then went on to the fourth wall. The lantern flickered and then beamed steadily upon the gleaming wall. With a shiver of amazement, O’Hara realized that here in this desert spot, in his beloved country, the floor of the garage reached down a full twenty feet of solid concrete emplacement!

Astounded beyond measure, he recalled the many reports he had heard about the huge concrete emplacements supposed to have been built170 by the Germans during the war, and even before the war, in various parts of the United States.

He had not believed these reports at the time. They had seemed too incredible. He had considered them figments of imaginations that had been fired by the fears and excitements of war. No, such things were too fantastic for sane, sensible Americans to believe. It was impossible that our country would be betrayed by those whom she had welcomed so heartily to her shores.

But here in this desert spot, for an unknown 송탄오피 purpose, stood tangible evidence that these reports were true. They were not idle fancies. And, so, it must likewise be true that America did harbor base creatures who would sell their adopted country’s honor for gold and silver, men who sought to injure her, and lower her prestige in the eyes of the world. Very well, it would be America’s duty henceforth to ferret out these creatures. 구리오피 It would be her duty to strip them of the possessions and privileges that a generous country had showered on them with a profuse hand.

Again and again these reflections kept running through O’Hara’s mind, as he explored every nook and cranny of the curious subterranean hiding-place. He wondered what criminal plan had171 dictated the construction of this great gun emplacement. Where did Brown intend to get the enormous gun that such a base would accommodate? These questions were too deep for solution. Perhaps the future would supply an answer.

O’Hara looked at his watch and found it had been about twenty minutes since he saw the dust of the approaching automobile. He figured that the officers were just now arriving at the place, but of course no sound could penetrate to his dark hiding place. Wishing to save the oil, he turned out his lamp and sat down on the hard sand of the floor. He placed his shoulder against the back of the safe so that he would be facing the one ray of light which struggled in from the hole above, and settled down to wait.

Thus it happened that he was entirely invisible when the opening in the wall suddenly revolved again. Thinking merely to remain quiet until Tom Whalen called him, O’Hara made no move. He heard the sound of two voices, one undoubtedly that of Jo the Jap, the other with an Irish accent.