I tried to understand the spiraling voices, tried to follow the curling pathway the thoughts made to see where they were leading, but it wasn't making sense. The pictures in the center of their thoughts were my pictures - the very worst of them. Bella's bruises, Edward's face as he burned.고소득알바

They fear it, too.

But they won't do anything about it

Protecting Bella Swan.

We can't let that influence us.

The safety of our families, of everyone here, is more important than one human.

If they won't kill it, we have to.

Protect the tribe.

Protect our families.

We have to kill it before it's too late.

Another of my memories, Edward's words this time: The thing is growing. Swiftly.

I struggled to focus, to pick out individual voices.

No time to waste,Jared thought.

It will mean a fight,Embry cautioned. A bad one.

Were ready,Paul insisted.

Well need surprise on our side,Sam thought.

If we catch them divided, we can take them down separately. It will increase our chances of victory, Jared thought, starting to strategize now.

I shook my head, rising slowly to my feet. 1 felt unsteady there - like the circling wolves were making me dizzy. The wolf beside me got up, too. His shoulder pushed against mine, propping me up.