Singapore Poker Skyrocketing
Singapore has reportedly been experiencing its own growth in poker in recent months.
According to local players, at this time last year, it was a fair struggle to find a live game and an even harder struggle to find a game at the blinds at which a person was comfortable with.
However, recently, a community has developed in Singapore (it’s a small island and the usual suspects get to know each other) and people can now find a game for themselves in somewhere this island on any night of the week.  Games are now available at many parts of the island – whether in the West, East or North sides of the island.
 Perhaps one of the major factors is the Singapore Poker Meetup Group online.  This online group is said to have grown from some 50 to 250 members in the last year, giving fellow Singapore enthusiasts an online means to find each other around the island.  Poker players range from students to uncles to tuition tutors to bankers.
 The standard indulgence of Singapore players has been cash game No Limit Texas Hold’em.  In recent months live multi-table sit-and-go tournaments have begun to been started.  A few dedicated enthusiasts experiment with Crazy Pineapple poker and Omaha, but No Limit Texas Hold’em remains by far and away the game to play in this part of the world thus far.
 Those usual games in the privacy and hospitality of each others’ homes have grown into decent sized sit-and-go tournaments, often held at the hall of Singapore Management University.  The tournament has successfully attracted players in the hundreds.  However, participants gripe about the sky-rocketing blind structures, which is inevitable when one organises a large-scale tournament to be finished in half a day.
Word of a major Asian Poker Tour therefore excites players in Singapore.  The Asian Poker Tour has already announced that the tournament will be held in Singapore this year, ending a tour that takes participants from Manila to Macau to Seoul.  The date for the Singapore leg has yet to be confirmed, but is said will probably be held in October this year.
 However, much was made of the fact that the last Asian Poker Tour in 2006, which was in fact a success, was soured by the decision of the Inland Revenue of Singapore to impose a tax on Tony G, the winner of the tournament, for his winnings.  The Australian player apparently left Singapore before the tax was collected, resulting in the Asian Poker Tour organisers picking up the tab for the tax imposed on his winnings.  Local players are concerned that the apparently high taxes imposed (and the fact that it was imposed at all) will put players off attending the tournament, or worse still ensure that the tournament will not be organised at all.
Such a tournament held in this city, however, will do much to spur on the poker community in this city.  It gives players a chance to play away from their usual home games and in a major tournament with some of the world’s best.  It is, after all, part of the attraction of poker that people of all walks of life and converge together and play each other on a level playing field.
 Many poker players are therefore keen to see the tournament being organised, and wait with bated breath for the opportunity to participate.

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