Hair Cutting Methods
Hair cutting methods are different and varied, including short and long cuts. The story can be straight, or layered, and the selection of the story depends on the trendy fashion and what suits the shape of the face.
To get a nice story, you must deal with a reliable hair stylist, talk to him about the desired story, and tell him the story from different angles, so that it does not end with a short hair story or uneven lengths.
[1] The method of cutting short traditional hair from short hair styles (bob hair cut), a short but not very short story, looks nice to those with light hair or medium density, and women with thick hair away from this story. sowaratfal
[2] ] To begin cutting traditional short hair apply the following steps.
[3] prepares hair for cutting by wetting Using the sprayer with water spray not to leave the hair dripping water.
Divide the hair into four parts using the comb and tie each part separately. A small portion of the back is taken using the comb and the hair is combed down on the neck.
Start cutting from the middle using the comb, where the hair cuts straight from the middle to the outside of the edge, and in the end make sure the straightness of the shear and equal. Another part is combed above the previously cut part and cut with the same straightness and repeats every time until the entire hair is finished to get a short traditional hair story. صور شباب مزز