It has formed a scandal. There is a transfer parking lot and a modern first Gwanghwamun.부산키스방

Dohwa-dong is also convenient to Dohwa-dong and the nearby high-speed infrastructure. It is convenient for the convenience of the station. It is near completion of the recreation workers and it is mapo

Dohwa-dong is located in Hyundai's first municipal government building on the Chungcheongbuk-do area, while Ewhae-dong, Sogang-dong, and Gyeonggi-do are underdeveloped colleges. Car apartment

Gongdeok Station 2000 * Gongdeok Station.

In terms of educational environment, it is formed in Kindergarten district near and is kept undervalued in Gongduk station.

It is maintained and used in the living environment, and the green space is the Han River food culture street Gulluk Street Gongdeok Station rescue place As the Lamyang Town Hyundai 1st Movement is completed, It is located in the vicinity of Namdaemun Market, Accessible Education Building Forest, Transportation near 9th, and Airport Railroad in the direction of 9th, The apartment complex of 5,000 or more generations has attracted the interest of the residents of the airport railroad as a bad town from the exit of Gongduk Station as a bad town.